A bi-product of an eclipse !

A bi-product of Moon Eclipse Shoot



A bi-product of Moon Eclipse shooting  !!

Few days back, I took you along with me for shooting Lunar eclipse, Blue Moon, Blood Red moon.  It was well worth rewarding experience. Thanks to my friends, I received maximum hits on my blog on that day and I broke my own record for number of hits for my post. I felt humbled by your response !   A cart-Load of thanks, folks !

On the same night, I had another kind of encounter and I felt that I should record it for the readers of my blog, who do not get to see this kind of eerie display, which resembles a volcanic eruption of sorts. When we were setting up our tripods for shooting lunar eclipse, and we were hoping against hope that everything goes well!  Silently we were praying that, clouds do not play spoil-sport and atmospheric pollution wont obscure our view of the horizon.

As Sun went down on western horizon, the light began to wane and slowly but surely darkness took control of the farm-lands before us. We took out our cell phones and started searching for sky map, to know where the moon would rise in the east. As the eclipse has already in , the brightness of the moon would be low and we had to struggle to ferret her out of the gloomy eastern horizon.

And during this waiting period, suddenly and without any warning, the eastern horizon lit up in many hues of Red……….! For a minute we were transfixed ! And then it dawned on us that some farmer behind the tree line thought it fit to clear his land of dried sugar-cane leaves and remnantsby putting it on fire. And that was the reason for the ”volcanic eruption” we saw on eastern horizon….just joking folks….It looks like fire spewing lava coming out of something like Mount Fujiyama or the volcano you see on TV travel channels !

Can we allow this scene to go unrecorded……..no…….here it is for you !  Hope you like it……! It was shot on my Nikon high zoom prosumer camera !