My Photography Courses

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Perfect Pixels Institute Of Photography

Perfect Pixels Institute Of Photography was set up in 2013, to impart technical knowledge about Photography to all those interested in developing their photography skills in a technically perfect manner.

Over last two years we have trained scores of people from all walks of life, right from 16 year old to 60 year old. Initially we started out with a 8 day course ( from Sunday to Sunday ) , in which we teach theory daily for one and half hour for 7 days and on the last day we conduct a photo-walk to test the skills the students acquired over the week. This course continues to attract people who would like to slowly assimilate the photography knowledge we impart.

Some top professionals approached us for a crash-course in photography. As these professionals do not find time everyday to attend hobby courses, we have designed a week-end course specifically designed for them. Here the syllabus remains the same, however it is taught in two days over a 12 hour period, starting from saturday afternoon and ending in the evening of following Sunday.

Besides these courses we also tailor-make courses for specific groups taking into account their priorities and work schedule.


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