Oh, I have a only point and shoot camera !

proposed museum at Panhala Hill, Near Kolhapur, lies neglected shot on Canon SX620HS point and shoot


It is said that the most important element in photography is 12 inches behind the camera. It is the photographer who can either make or mar an image. He is the master of his craft. The more he is advanced in marshaling the resources he has and the way he uses them to his advantage he can take his photography to next level.

Many a time, people say that you photography buffs have all the nice equipment and hence you get good photographs. It is half truth. Yes, equipment does matter to some extent. But the main things you require to click good photographs is through knowledge of science of photography and art of composition and presentation.

Some people rue the fact that they do not have a DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex ) camera. What they have is a simple point and shoot camera, which many a times can comfortably fit into your shirt or trousers pocket. Yes, folks you can shoot very nice images even with these small cameras provided you exploit its capability to the fullest. And for that you have to know the camera thoroughly well. Yes, in this limited space I cannot teach you how to fully exploit its meager resources to your advantage but I can give you food for thought on how to go about it.

Simple point and shoot cameras have a non-interchangeable lens. Its reach is also limited . But by studying the available facilities in the camera, you can still shoot good photographs. I will let you into little secrets your point and shoot holds.

Explore its menu. Most of them offer some ready made modes, such as portrait mode, scene mode, close-up mode. Generally if you use portrait mode, you may not get blurred background to the extent you get it in DSLR, but you get nice smooth skin, somewhat blurred background. Thanks to the algorithm these cameras have built into them.  Similarly in scenery mode you get saturated greens and blue colours and sharpness from few feet to infinity.

Many a time these small cameras perform very well in macro and close up  photography. The details you get may surprise the DSLR toting clickers. Another advantage these cameras have now days is its high zoom level. To get that same zoom level in DSLR you may have to spend a fortune by investing into a long focal length zoom lens, costing many a time as much as your camera itself. Off course the zoom in point and shoot, comes with a rider that mostly these camera  have small sensors and are prone to high noise level. They have fewer adjustments in settings. Yes, they have limitations no doubt about it, but you cannot expect to get apples at banana prices.

Some of these small cameras have long exposure settings, which you can use for getting night shots of cityscapes ,dusk and dawn shots etc.  Hence instead of waiting for getting bigger camera, go and use your simple point and shoot camera to your advantages, till the time photography bug bites you and goads you to get a Digital SLR ultimately, enjoy your photography


One thought on “Oh, I have a only point and shoot camera !

  1. Very useful article. Same thing hold true for cellphone camera. Some cellphones like Samsung and IPhone give very beautiful pictures and very easy to use and carry during travelling

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