For want of a four rupee polythene bag..a DSLR was lost !!

It so happened, that one of our photography colleagues, frantically called me and informed me that his dear DSLR camera has stopped functioning. Before I could ask him what went wrong he recounted a sad narrative how his dear DSLR went west ! This colleague of mine happens to be a sportsman and an ace cyclist, who has won many awards for his cycling ability. He has cycled through the most difficult Himalayan terrain and has visited most of the historical areas on his sport bike. Earlier he had a small point and shoot, but later on after joining us he purchased a DSLR and it became his constant companion.

However last week, he went to Lonavala and Khandala for a trek and for participating in an event. It was raining very heavily and in the heat of moment he did not realize that his camera bag, hanging from his shoulder, is getting wet in the rain. When he noticed this oversight, he immediately took out the camera and tried to switch it on. It refused to switch-on………! The water that entered the crevices, joints of the camera and lens body had done its destructive job.

This could happen to any of us. It is said that experts never commit mistakes they commit blunders! We may be handling cameras for well over four five decades, yet momentarily our senses take a back-seat and such blunders happen.

What could have prevented this unfortunate accident? A simple Four rupee polythene bag could have saved. One can buy a large polythene bag and wrap ones camera inside it and then keep it in the camera bag. Your camera bag is never intended to be 100 % water-proof. In monsoon, whenever you venture out put this four rupee bag in your camera-bag. This will save you heart-ache of losing your dear DSLR to the vagaries of nature.

One more trick I would like to share with you. While taking a shower ladies generally use shower-cap. This shower cap fits almost all DSLRs that are not weather-proof. Put your camera in such a shower-cap. The elastic wraps around and your camera is relatively safe. The people with thick pockets can have a costly alternative, a Rain-Coat for your camera.

The lesson learnt after this incident by my friend…….For want of a Four Rupee  polythene bag, a DSLR was lost…..!

So, friends on this World Photography I wish you….happy clicking in the ensuing year…and take care of your electronic gadgets in the remaining months of this Monsoon


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