What is Correct exposure !

In photography we call a photograph nice when it hits our visual senses in right place. But is there any scale by which we can measure the accuracy of exposure. Some photographs look good when under exposed, some look good when they are slightly over exposed. Some look good just because they correctly show what I want to show and our sense of beauty may be creating a hormone which makes us feel happy.

But classically speaking, anything that has highlights, shadows and mid-tones is considered to be a good photograph. Yet in photography it turns out to be a balancing act. If you expose for shadows, you blowout highlights. If you expose for highlights, you loose details in the shadows. Based on this the legendary Ansel Adams developed zone system in photography.


Hence friends try to expose for midtones………..! Here is an example…. a shot of dilapidated temple on Dandoba hills, near Sangli. Here the sky in the background was bright and the temple itself was in shadow. But I managed to get the midtones right ! Hope you people like it !



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