High Zoom Cams…………!

The world of photography has evolved over the years with plenty of variety available for clicking pictures and with that camera manufacturers have also evolved. Gone are the days of staid cameras with boxy look, cameras have now turned modern….with new technology being incorporated into…rather crammed into the gadget, just to meet the consumer demand…for variety….to satisfy a latent need of the consumer.


Earlier people used to have a simple point and shoot camera with no frills. Just plain simple look, slowly the concept of modern styling , ergonomics, entered the field of camera, and the ease of use become the buzzword.. Cameras shed their staid looks and took on the look of a fashionable eye-candy, which people would like to flaunt.

Right now the cameras fall into following sub-classes…..High flaunting DSLRs…..Bridge Cameras……….plain point and shoot variety ! we will talk about DSLRs and Plain Jane cameras some other time. But today, we will look at the middle one…..no pun intended !

Bridge camera is a cross between point and shoot and DSLR They have fixed lens. They do not have the ability to take on variety of lenses, but they boast of high zoom lenses. which can shoot the things which are far away than the plain point and shoot. But they lack the ability of the DSLR lenses to shoot under any lighting condition. The aperture of these lenses generally limited to a range between  2.8 or so and 8. With this limited range the creative photography takes the back-seat and you have to make do with the available amount of light. As such these cameras become fair weather friends. Come cloudy weather, dark areas, night shots, and you may be stumped.

High zoom factor of these cameras brings with it, another problem, the problem of shaky photos. No doubt some of the bridge cameras try to counteract  by providing vibration reduction (VR) facility, but in some of these cameras the zoom is so high that you do require a tripod to shoot. Moreover these cameras have very small sensors compared to DSLRs and hence they show noise at ISO 800 and above. And precisely for this reason I call them fair weather friends. If the weather is sunny and  the sun is shining, then your ability to get clear noise free shots increases.

But the best advantage these bridge cameras have is their compactness and their wife or Girl-friend friendly nature. Being small in size,these cameras do not invite the attention of your wife or girl-friend. A larger DSLR will be pain in the shoulder for you and an eyesore  for your wife or GF. I have seen many wives or GFs serving an ultimatum to their beaus that on the next trip it is either me or your camera…. you have to choose between  camera or me.And friends you cannot go on a honeymoon with your camera alone…..can you ?  Hence here the bridge camera becomes the peacemaker………you can have fun with your camera…and enjoy your much needed holiday with doting wife.Ultimately the choice is yours !


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