Mirrorless or SLR

img_7208The debate has been raging for last few years. Whether to go for the new mirrorless  handy cameras or to go for the age-old single lens reflex (SLR ) cameras. There are people who support SLRs as the ultimate  and there is  new generation reared on slimmer and lighter mobile technology who prefer mirrorless.

Off course there are advantages and disadvantages for both SLRs and Mirrorless. Let me give you a little background knowledge about SLRs. These cameras use the same lens to look at the scene in front by a mechanism consisting of  45 degrees inclined mirror and pentaprism, which bends the light rays and forces them out of the view-finder at the top through which you look at the scene.. Because of this contraception SLRs have greater flange distance, the distance between the lens and sensor. Hence they have larger depth and consequently they are much more heavier and bulkier.

In mirrorless there is no mirror,pentaprism mechanism, hence the flange distance is small and hence they are smaller, lighter like most of the high-end point and shoot.Mirrorless uses the LCD display at the back in place of view-finder and they use slightly different autofocus method. They take little longer to lock the focus than SLRs.

Another negative point, for mirrorless is because of smaller size of the camera, the battery has to be small. Hence it does not last as much as a SLR battery lasts. But most of these cameras are now offering two batteries to compensate for this lacuna.But the biggest advantage mirror-less offers is their weight. The lesser weight makes these cameras easy to carry on tour.

Some mirrorless cameras do not offer APS-C or bigger full frame sensors, but offer smaller ones. But good mirrorless cameras are now offering APS-C or better sensors.

Mirror-less is the latest technological advance in photography and is here to stay. Over the time there will certainly be new improvements in mirrorless technology. And slowly mirrorless will overtake SLRs. In India we may have to wait little longer for mirrorless to catch-up with SLRs, as we still ask the wedding photographer which camera he has, before placing the order with him. We like bulkier models (no pun intended )


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