Festivals….of Lights..Camera and Action !!


At the outset let me wish all my friends, a very happy Dipavali. May this festival of lights bring in its wake all that is good, into your life. May best of luck be yours and all your dreams come true. My friends who do not know marathi, may find it difficult to understand the meaning of some of the words…..But the Dipavali wishes transcends all language barriers….it simply means Good Luck to all..Prosperity to all….Good health to all !

We Indians, love festivities and it is the time to make valuable purchases. Camera is one such instrument, that is bought in large numbers on the occassion of such festivals. Dipavali is one of them.

Earlier, even people having oodles of money also used to wait for one of the three and half muhurts……Gudhi Padwa,Dasara, Dipavali Padwa and Akshay Tritiya….to buy these goodies. Right now the sale of cameras sky-rockets on these days. My friend who is an old camera distributor used to sell one or two peices of SLR cameras earlier, but the things have changed to such an extent that he does it on each day of the year……..! And on these festival days they are sold in large numbers !

One more change has overtaken the public mind over last few years, they have started to go for official stores and not for grey market. There are distinct advantages to go for             “white market” as it gives you peace of mind and which is very much important with highly sophiasticated cameras entering the market these days.

So, friends, do indulge and get your self a camera…..wide variety is available and it is the consumer who is the king now and he is driving the market right now……go….enjoy the ride !


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