Need to back-up your photos

We photographers go on clicking spree once we see anything interesting or attractive. In the heat of moment sometime we click hundreds of pics in one go. Some of the clicks may be of graet importance. You may not be able to visit the place again. So what you are carrying in your camera are a bundles of memories. Generally we use SD cards or CF cards to store these images. No doubt CF cards are more secure than SD cards to store the images,but not all camera models support CF cards. And thus we are vulnerable to vagaries of electronic technologies. One small glitch and all your images are lost in a jiffy….before you gather your wits.

A minor fault in any of your devices in your computer may affect your images totally and lo all your memories are gone in a flash. It recently happened to me. We friends from our school days held a get-together and we were meeting after a gap of nearly five decades. I lost all the pics on my card because of a small glitch. I decided to write about it  so that you do not land yourself in such an avoidable situation. Though this happened to me for the first time in my five decades of photography experience, one cannot be sure when a disaster strikes !

Hence friends, when you go on a trip do carry a small laptop with you and after the shoot, back-up your images to your computer and also on a pen-drive. This will help you avoid huge disappointment. Learn from your mistakes, such mistakes do happen and are a part and parcel of life. The only way to protect us from the loss is to avoid repeating the mistakes.


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