Come October !!

When we were very young, there was a romantic movie named ” Come September “. It had very good lilting and foot-tapping music. For we photographers, “Come October” should ring the bells and make us sing happy days are here again……!!

The boy and his bicycle !

The boy and his bicycle !

This is the month, when the monsoon starts receding. Some of us, who do not dare to venture out during Monsoon, for the fear of damaging our much loved photography equipment, take out our cameras and once again start clicking !

Moreover, this is the month, which gives us the Nimbus clouds, the clouds which are filled to the brim with water droplets, showing us the grey shades , ranging from white fluffy combed cotton like clouds to dark grey ones. Friends go and click these clouds, for the sheer shapes they throw out and for multitude of colours they spew at sunsets and at Sunrises. You will not get such dramatic sky view again till next October/ November.

This is the good time to shoot, landscapes, seascapes. Good time to venture out for a short trip………..! Come…start clicking !!


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