Getting everything sharp up to infinity in landscapes

In any landscape, you would like to have everything sharp from here to eternity…….err infinity ! There are few tricks employed by landscape photographers. First of all shoot in aperture priority mode so that you can manipulate the aperture for getting deep depth of the field. For this you may have to experiment a bit. Play with aperture 8,11 and 16 and if necessary with 22. Smaller the opening of the aperture a phenomenon known as diffraction kicks in and it tries to soften the edges mostly thus robbing your picture of sharpness to some extent, if you go to aperture 22 and beyond.

Secondly, you have to focus at approximately one third distance from where you are standing and the farthest point you can watch. This effectively means you are focusing at hyper focal distance. Alternately you can download apps from the internet which calculate the hyper-focal distance for you. Dial in the settings and it gives you depth of the field you will be getting with these settings.

Thirdly use a wide-angle lens so that you can cover the entire scene in one shot and need not stitch it later in Photoshop if you shoot it in two or three shots.

Use a very good sturdy tripod and switch of the internal stabilizer of your lens before you click the picture.

Use a cabled trigger for shutter release.

Picture Style mode you use should be set to Landscapes as it will give you richer colours.

With these settings you will be getting very good landscape photos ……..try these settings and send me your pics !

Happy clicking !


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